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We are a creative collective with various compact and complementary business units led by persistent, agile, and purpose-driven talents. We help brands build and execute creative works ranging from brand building to advertising to help them achieve marketing effectiveness.

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How We Do it Differently

We are not reinventing the wheel. We just don’t think the wood log is the best kind of wheel.


As we are super obsessed with marketing effectiveness along with brands’ survivability, we combined three elements that we believe are key to creating a future-proof marketing formula to achieve marketing effectiveness. Firstly, we evaluate data and develop strategic insights as a foundation behind every creative idea. Secondly, we create bold and precise creative materials. Thirdly, we provide tangibility in the digital ecosystem through a growth marketing approach.

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Our Values

The manifestation of our purpose are run by our 3 core values:


Empowered works start from empowering talents, and we are all for that.

Purpose & Impact

We strive to always produce impactful & purposeful works as we are working on things that transcend us.

Creative yet effective

We believe that mind-blowing creatives should be mind-blowingly effective.

Unithree | KFC Indonesia

#budayabeberes is a KFC Indonesia campaign that encourage people to clean up their own food after eat at KFC restaurant

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Unithree | DCA

Nurture the community to get people understand and contribute on marine pollution issue.

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Unithree | Taco Bell

As a country with the most Muslim population, Indonesia is renowned for its diverse and fascinating traditions during the holy month of Ramadan, and one of the most exciting ones is the Buka Bersama (bukber) gathering

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Client's Testimonial

Taco Bell - YUM! Asia Pasific

This was one of the most exciting launches for the brand and the team provided relevant local insights and impactful ideas for a highly successful market entry. The team brings out the Live Mas spirit of the Taco Bell brand daily on social media in both a creative and structured way, with out-of-the-box thinking and good planning. Wishing all the best to this group of talented and passionate individuals!

Debaki Dhar

Marketing Manager APAC at Yum! Brands

KFC Indonesia

Unithree team is restless. They could provide you a lot of insights from social media that bring new perspectives on what is going on in the market. With clear plan and strategy, they could bring a clear message for our audiences.

Dimas Aryo

Creative & Digital Manager

Lippo Group

We’ve been working with Unithree since 2017 and they have been such a help from the grand brand ideas down to the executing our cool contents. For our very first project together, thanks to Unithree, with only less than a week to launch our mega project, we were able to launch it on time. Plus, discussing ideas with professional ambitious and brilliant group of people like them is always fun and it also is the reason why we’ve been working with them until now. Go unithree!

Febby Irenika

Project Management Officer

KFC Indonesia

These guys are awesome. They build up KFC’s social media to one of the most notable QSR social media in Indonesia which reflects on the engagement rate also the followers growth on monthly basis. We are in awe for their services, especially when it hits the virality bar. Reasons above also became our foundation in giving them another QSR account. Well done and keep it up!

Koming Swastima

Creative & Innovation Manager at PT FFI Indonesia (KFC Indonesia & Taco Bell)

Klik Daily

We believe that brand should be meaningful , memorable, communicative and iconic. Thus, we decided to team up with Unithree to create not only an exquisite brand but something beyond it. We’re delighted that we have picked a right agency partner. It has been a wonderful journey working with Unithree, they are professional, creative, reliable, and punctual.

Mariska Andriana


Octo Mobile - CIMB Niaga

Shoutout to Unithree and its dedicated team. The team really help us do consumer insights, competitor researches, to their specialty, creative contents. We are their first client for Consumer Insights, and they have done a great job in delivering sufficient analysis.

Angghina Khansa

Sr Digital Channel Marketing Communication

Divers Clean Action

As a growing NGO, we need to brand ourselves to do much more meaningful and impactful campaign for our environment. Unithree peeled all of our layers and helped process how our values can become inspiring to others. Co-creating with them prompts us to make bigger actions that grasp the public attention better rather than just focusing in our niche community.

Swietenia Puspa

Executive Director

JAQS - Jakarta Aquarium

We have worked with Unithree since 2018 for visual design, logo rebranding, social media management, etc. We love how Unithree has the 'eye' to create beautiful, dynamic, and vibrant content in each of our projects together. They are also very accommodating to our needs and won't hesitate to go the extra miles to make the project successful. Communication has never been an issue with them and they always deliver things professionally & in a timely manner.

Stephanie Tratama

GM PT Jakarta Aquarium


We needed a brand identity that captures the complexity of our concept, feels fresh and groundbreaking, yet still familiar for our customers. Unithree be able to capture the essence of it, and translate our concept into reality! From logo, typography, color tone, to packaging, everything is spot-on and breathes life to our brand to this day.

Nico Soekamto


Duta Putra Land

We approached Unithree to help us create brand identities for two new town projects that were due to launch simultaneously. It was challenging to create 2 separate projects, each with unique identities, while maintaining a unifying theme. As expected, Unithree did not disappoint! Their insights and fresh, creative ideas have provided us with lasting design themes that can evolve as our projects continue to grow. We wish Unithree all the very best in your future endeavors!

Reisa Soedarsono

General Manager


Branding is an important part of a company, and Unithree has been working since day one with Paris Tokyo Mademoiselle to achieve our goal. On behalf of Moonshine Management, we would like to appreciate the partnership and creative process in building Moonshine from scratch. Well done!

Joey Tan


Sinar Cahaya Cemerlang

We started from a project to redesign our company logo, had turned into a full repackaging of our brand identity. Unithree understand well our background as a family business from the ground up. What Unithree has woven together is an identity that blends perfectly these evolution of best values from the past, present and future. Then turns it into stronger, contemporary, yet very timeless brand as a whole.

Natalia Tjahja



We worked with Unithree's team and they understood the vision we have for Newman’s. They played a substantial role in getting us started and helping our team build a healthcare brand for men that resonates with our customers. In all, we're beyond happy that Unithree has become part of our journey.




Why should you work with us?

We are an independent company consisted of three seamlessly synergized business units with empowered talents that are ready to help brands build and execute effective marketing through effective and cost-efficient creative works.


What do we mean by “effective marketing”?

Effective marketing is a marketing plan that optimizes spending effectively to achieve positive short and long-term results. The reason we put so much emphasis on this subject is that we want you to be able to kick back knowing that the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing efforts is safe with us.


What can you expect from working with us

You will be handled by an independent company committed to build and execute the most effective marketing for your brand. In each of our business units, you will meet effective and experienced leaders with teams of persistent, agile, and purpose-driven talents. 


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What are the types of brands and business do we work with

As of today, we have handled top-of-mind brands from various industries such as; FMCG, F&B, tech startup, manufacture, financial service, health care & pharmaceuticals, real estate, and others. If your brand’s industry does not fall under those categories, do not be hesitant to contact us as we are always up for a new ocean to sail in.


Are we hiring?


Yes, please visit the career page for more information



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Redefining Indonesia's Digital Native: Gen Z

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Jan 10, 2023

Ini Arti “Nongkrong” Sebenarnya!

Seringkali kita nemuin banyak orang berjongkok sambil main game atau bahkan ngobrol santai di warung kopi kecil. Posisi yang kita anggap biasa ini, seringkali dianggap sulit bahkan sampai dikasih julukan "The Asian Squat" karena ternyata gak semua orang bisa melakukannya loh!

Jan 11, 2023

Kenapa pada Rela Mengantri Demi Foto?

Bukan fenomena yang aneh lagi kalau berkunjung ke tempat wisata kita bisa temuin banyak orang mengantri untuk mendapatkan foto yang keren dan tentunya bisa diunggah di media sosial. Tapi, seringkali hal ini malah membuat kamu tak menikmati objek wisata seutuhnya atau terlalu banyak mengambil foto lalu berujung pusing sendiri mau unggah foto yang mana.

Jan 12, 2023
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