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We are a creative collective with various compact and complementary business units led by persistent, agile, and purpose-driven talents. We help brands build and execute creative works ranging from brand building to advertising to help them achieve marketing effectiveness.

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Why Us

How We Do it Differently

We are not reinventing the wheel. We just don’t think the wood log is the best kind of wheel.


As we are super obsessed with marketing effectiveness along with brands’ survivability, we combined three elements that we believe are key to creating a future-proof marketing formula to achieve marketing effectiveness. Firstly, we evaluate data and develop strategic insights as a foundation behind every creative idea. Secondly, we create bold and precise creative materials. Thirdly, we provide tangibility in the digital ecosystem through a growth marketing approach.

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Our Values

The manifestation of our purpose are run by our 3 core values:


Empowered works start from empowering talents, and we are all for that.

Purpose & Impact

We strive to always produce impactful & purposeful works as we are working on things that transcend us.

Creative yet effective

We believe that mind-blowing creatives should be mind-blowingly effective.

Unithree | KFC Indonesia

Stealing BK's Thunder

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MarcMade | JAQS

Expanding the Territories of Jakarta Aquarium & Safari, elevating their current positioning to become the biggest indoor zoo in Indonesia.

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MarcMade | DCA

Divers Clean Action is a data-driven organization that focuses on ocean sustainability from the coast to the deepest depths of the ocean.

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Client's Testimonial

Taco Bell - YUM! Asia Pasific

This was one of the most exciting launches for the brand and the team provided relevant local insights and impactful ideas for a highly successful market entry. The team brings out the Live Mas spirit of the Taco Bell brand daily on social media in both a creative and structured way, with out-of-the-box thinking and good planning. Wishing all the best to this group of talented and passionate individuals!

Debaki Dhar

Marketing Manager APAC at Yum! Brands

KFC Indonesia

Unithree team is restless. They could provide you a lot of insights from social media that bring new perspectives on what is going on in the market. With clear plan and strategy, they could bring a clear message for our audiences.

Dimas Aryo

Creative & Digital Manager

Octo Mobile - CIMB Niaga

Shoutout to Unithree and its dedicated team. The team really help us do consumer insights, competitor researches, to their specialty, creative contents. We are their first client for Consumer Insights, and they have done a great job in delivering sufficient analysis.

Angghina Khansa

Sr Digital Channel Marketing Communication


Why should you work with us?

We are an independent company consisted of three seamlessly synergized business units with empowered talents that are ready to help brands build and execute effective marketing through effective and cost-efficient creative works.


What do we mean by “effective marketing”?

Effective marketing is a marketing plan that optimizes spending effectively to achieve positive short and long-term results. The reason we put so much emphasis on this subject is that we want you to be able to kick back knowing that the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing efforts is safe with us.


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What can you expect from working with us

You will be handled by an independent company committed to build and execute the most effective marketing for your brand. In each of our business units, you will meet effective and experienced leaders with teams of persistent, agile, and purpose-driven talents. 


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What are the types of brands and business do we work with

As of today, we have handled top-of-mind brands from various industries such as; FMCG, F&B, tech startup, manufacture, financial service, health care & pharmaceuticals, real estate, and others. If your brand’s industry does not fall under those categories, do not be hesitant to contact us as we are always up for a new ocean to sail in.


Are we hiring?


Yes, please visit the career page for more information



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