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Introducing Unithree Growth: Part 2

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Introducing Unithree Growth for your brand’s digital marketing effort

Unithree Growth division is where creative marketing & communication synergize with digital strategy to create brand campaigns that align with business objectives. We would like to introduce our always-updating digital marketing inventories. 




The only instagram ad buying method optimized for followers & engagement growth


Social Media Publisher



  • Mega

Raise awareness & image building


  • Makro

Raise awareness & credibility


  • Mikro

Raise awareness &  generate desirability


  • Nano

Increase relevance & generate conversation







  1. KFC Goceng existing
  2. New Produk Goceng
  3. Burger
  4. KFC Attack
  5. Coffee Combo
  6. Classic Combo: Chicken Steak & Chicken Sliders

Taco Bell:


Then, by combining Creative Marketing, Communication Strategy and Growth services, this will bring your business closer to achieving “growth”

Let’s achieve many more things together!

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