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Riding the wave of K-Culture with KFC


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As the Korean fever strikes globally, everyone is turning K-culture into the ultimate hub of their preferences. Based on the Korean Foundation of International Cultural Exchange data, 



By understanding these insights, we could acquire a new set of audiences and showcase that KFC is the JAGONYA KOREA.

As we all know, Korean culture is always setting new trends that are loved by lots of people. So, We want to capture the vibrant, diverse, and constantly evolving nature of Korean culture through JAGONYA KOREA

First, we start with K-Inspired Movie Posters.

As we are aware of our audience's love for K-dramas, we have undertaken the strategic initiative to incorporate K-Inspired Movie Posters within our promotional content.


We also make our own K-drama inspired series “Pilihan Hatiku”!

Starting with a teaser where KOLs caught a footage of couple’s arguing in front of KFC Store



And turns out it’s KFC’s K-Drama inspired series that will be aired on our social media!


We make sure that every scene has a distinct K-drama feel. Utilizing close-up shots to emphasize key moments & emotional reactions, using dramatic language to convey the emotions of characters, and last but not least, we encourage our talent to speak like a Korean actor while still conversing in the Indonesian language through a comedic approach.


To make it fun & engaging, KFC's audiences can guess the final story of “Pilihan Hatiku” series.



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