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In the first week of November 2020, Burger King took social media by storm with their global campaign “Order from McDonald’s”. The impact of this campaign was so massive that it even get our audiences to pushed us for a response.


While other brands responded with a basic “thank you”, we felt that it does not quite cut it for us. We felt like we should do something more about this. 



When we observed deeper in the campaign, we learned a few things:

  1. “Order from McDonald’s” was a genius campaign, but when we took a deeper look into it, it actually only benefits Burger King’s brand image and does not necessarily beneficial for the wider public.
  2. Because of their perceived sincerity in the eyes of the audiences, Burger King received enormous sympathy.
  3. Thanking Burger King only serves to benefit Burger King rather than KFC because of KFC Indonesia’s larger number of followers.
  4. Some brands that followed the “Order from McDonald’s” approach are perceived as insincere and hollow.


So, the challenge that we are up against is:
How to turn away the public discussions from Burger King with a campaign that offers greater value for the public, without dragging in competitors.


The Idea

We came up with the concept “Support Local Business” with an added value of offering room for promotion for Indonesian local micro, small, and medium businesses through KFC’s comment section, with 20 of the most favorite brands to be featured in KFC Indonesia’s Instagram Story.


Aaaand... BOOM


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