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Indonesians are famous for the way they flirt. They know how to "Ambil Hati Doi". Especially when it comes to February 14th, most people in the world will celebrate something commonly referred to as Valentine's Day. It is time when people start to send love letters or have meals in restaurants with people they love. 

On this special occasion, KFC has tried to take your heart too with a delicious Combo Duo which its price has always been right in the heart. We were sure this promotion would fit perfectly during Valentine’s Day, especially for every person who wants to show their ability to take their lover's heart. 


Make This The Right Moment to Take Their Heart with KFC


Roses are red, Violets are blue, I want to eat KFC only with you.


Have you ever wondered how Valentine's Day and KFC could go together? Well, the Campaign “Si Jagonya Ambil Hati” is the answer to that question!

We made an effort at this special moment to interact with people and engage them to share “Gombalan” with their loved ones such as partners, family, friends, and more!



Not only did they get the chance to ask their loved ones out, but they also had a chance to win an incredible award. There was a total of 1 million rupiahs to win for ten winners!


This campaign was made even more engaging by our interactive Instagram story in the form of a question box with a request to continue the "Gombalan" that KFC has created. We provided an opportunity for people to use their imaginations and create a charming yet amusing "Gombalan" to share with others. 



Finally, we got 163 responses from this question box filled with the audience's relevant answers. We also share some that we consider fascinating. 


Not only that, but we also received 1.236 clicks on the polling, 656 of them voted for “already join the activity”. Then after the Instagram Story, we also urged them to take the opportunity and “Ambil Hati Doi” with the support of this campaign. 



We can sense how love is in the air..


Over 1.619 participants have taken part in this "Jagonya Ambil Hati" campaign.

You may also fall in love with this victory..



At this point, we can see how people are actually so creative, and every day could be a perfect day to have lovely growth.


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