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When 'Cuan' is not about $$$ but also performance growth


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According to information obtained from ‘We Are Social’, Indonesia is ranked 10th among the nations whose citizens use social media the most, with an average usage time of 197 minutes, or almost 3.2 hours each day. 


Then no need to dispute that stalking is one of the many things Indonesians do on social media, especially when it's time for us to hunt for promos. This phenomenon is supported by data from DataReportal that demonstrates 62.3% of Instagram users use social media to follow brands so they can research the products. And 60.9% of Instagram users seek funny or entertaining content.

This is why we created this campaign because we are aware of how well it will connect with the target audience. Along with Chinese New Year, we tried to translate their curiosity and attention into purchasing action. Make them ‘cuan’ and earn angpao simply just by stalking.

The art of stalking. The art of getting $$$

We created a motivational video parody that was injected with a comedy element, telling some of funny ways to get Cuan on this Chinese New Year.


We also want to prove the ability of Indonesians in stalking and teased them to become ‘Jagonya Cari Cuan’ by finding KFC hidden digital angpao (filled with secret promo of Golden Combo). For more clarity, we provided step-by-step instructions on how to locate the hidden angpao on Instagram Stories.


Make 6000+ people to keep right on track

As expected, lots of the audience were engaged with this activity and kept trying to find the hidden angpao, not just a hundred, not just a thousand, but 6.926 people tried to find the angpao and be ‘Cuan’.


To anticipate difficulties in finding the angpao, we created a guideline in the form of instagram stories that are also simple and funny to increase the hype of this campaign. In such an entertaining way, it provided examples of people who would search the Angpao wrongly and encouraged users to carefully consider the rules required to do so.


By this method, some people who still have confusion about the rules might eventually get back on track. We finally can make them understand how to find the angpao and be ‘Cuan’.



Not just that, we also use another platform such as Twitter to support this campaign organically.


Having taken this opportunity at the appropriate time, we are now able to get….


‘Cuan’ here, ‘Cuan’ there, ‘Cuan’ everywhere!


Over 6.926 participants has taken part in this "Jagonya Cari Cuan" angpao search competition.


And voila! We also earned this victory…

At this point, we can point out that ‘cuan’ is not always about $$$ but also performance  growth!



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