Optimizing Guess Sales with Strategic Ads


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Our journey with Guess began with a strong start. From April to September, we also hit some impressive milestones. 

Awareness isn't enough. Our goal is to drive purchases. That's precisely what we achieved with Guess.

From April 2023, we partnered with Guess, leveraging CPAS (Collaborative ads) on Meta to drive their potential customers to purchase Guess' products on Shopee.


So, how did we do it? Well, it's all about finding the right audience. We put together a smart targeting strategy that focused on people who might be interested in Guess products combined with Guess support to offer special deals. These deals go beyond sales, we  show  appreciation  to loyal customers. When combined, it's highly effective.


This isn't just a success story, it's about making connections and getting results. It’s not just making ads, but also making things happen. Together with Guess, we’re glad that we are a part of Guess' success story by putting one ad at a time.



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