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NICE Tissue: Supporting Resourceful Strivers


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Tissues are among the top ten monthly grocery essentials, yet people do not seem to care about the brand they buy. According to Dream Incubator Research & Qualitative Interviews, they stick to what they know or choose something that catches their eye.



NICE Tissue is still an "Affordable Multifunction" option that people appreciate, but the tissue market is crowded, and customers are switching brands. To set NICE Tissue apart, we plan to reintroduce it with a bold, new color.


More Than Just Tissue, but a Support System

Let's face it, we're all resourceful strivers, especially NICE Tissue's target audience–millennial moms and progressive women–striving for perfection in every daily task. But the journey to perfection is not always smooth sailing. Especially when social media constantly shows us perfect meal plating, aesthetic room decor, and clean kitchen sets, these lead to anxiety and self-doubt.


Instead of giving in to self-doubt, we want people to explore & celebrate their messes as they strive to be their best selves. That’s why we positioned NICE Tissue as more than just a tissue, but as a brand that always has your back during messy moments.

Because Even the Most Reliable Person Needs Something to Rely On

The best outcomes often create a complete mess, but that's perfectly fine. Because NICE Tissue is ready to clean up the messes left behind by achievers and dependable individuals.

We craft the #DiNICEinAja tagline, which is more than just a hashtag. It's a gentle reminder that NICE Tissue is here to help them achieve something bigger without worry because every little mess they make can always be #DiNICEinAja!



Spreading an Encouraging Message to All Strivers

We want all strivers to feel confident in their progress and know that we have their back. We spread the #DiNICEinAja message through our social media posts promote by providing ideas, inspiration, and guides to help them strive. Each post reminds them they can rely on NICE Tissue to clean up any messes, as everything can be solved if it is #DiNICEinAja!


To spread the message even further, we include the #DiNICEinAja tagline on NICE Tissue packaging.


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