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Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2018, Monolog Coffee joined the movement through an initiative campaign called #CheckOutYourDonuts.

In line with the commemoration, this campaign was set to raise awareness and spread the crucial message that is no matter who you are, how young you are,

or where you from, everyone could be diagnosed with breast cancer. Reduce the risk by applying a healthy lifestyle and take care of your donuts. Check it early!


Have You Checked Your Donuts?

We chose donuts to represent some syptoms that needed to be informed.

From a wide poster to personal cards that contained in the donut boxes, we provided significant information to raise people awareness and encourage them to check their “donuts.”


Serving The Special Donuts

This campaign involved the product development team to produce the donuts that have a similar characteristic from its look, like a change in the nipples, rash or crusting of the nipple or surrounding area, etc.


The Symptoms Card


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