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Creative Director


Unithree's Purpose

Unithree is a compact creative company with a talent-empowering ecosystem that plans and executes upstream to downstream creative problem-solving for purpose-driven brands. From brand building to creative marketing, we believe that the synergized pairing of wild creativity and effective marketing cogs can manifest a brand’s purpose to its audiences. Aligned with our mission to help our clients to achieve their marketing effectiveness, we stitched our services precisely based on every step of company’s marketing activity with our multidisciplinary business units, Unithree — Creative Driven Marketing, MarcMade — Design & Experiences, and lastly WonderWhy — Cultural Insight Analysis.


Creatives, but above all, humans.

Unithree is nothing but the creative humans inside it. We believe that each team member makes a significant contribution to our success. Hence we always emphasize on providing and maintaining the best talent-empowering ecosystem, for it is essential in creating the best outcome for our purpose-driven clients. Although we know that perfection is impossible, we never settle for the status quo; we learn from our mistakes, innovate, and iterate our programs and policies. Again, all to create the most flourishing ecosystem for our talents.


Unithree—Creative Driven Marketing

Unithree believe Unithree is an independent creative company with a team of multidisciplinary members ranging from media, design & art, strategy, to tech making. With a mission to build strong consumer relationships through meaningful creative & content marketing that is deeply rooted in the local culture.


What we need from everyone 

  • NEVER STOP LEARNING: Be intellectually curious. Be looking for your next challenge. The moment you stop learning, you stop growing.
  • PULL NO PUNCHES: Be honest, be candid, cut the bullshit. We enthusiastically insist on dissent and diverse perspectives as a positive force in pursuit of the best. So, don’t hedge your point-of-view – say what you mean and mean what you say with clarity, conviction, and kindness.
  • BE RESILIENT: Change happens - count on it. Let’s be honest, this is true for more than just your job. But it applies here every day. Whether it’s what we work on, how we work, or who we work with. Part of being happy here is being good with change.
  • BE A DOER: Be a problem solver. Provide constructive solutions, take an actionable stance, and operationalize it. Trust that you were hired for a reason. Understand what you want to achieve and learn from this experience, and you will ultimately make this place more special.
  • DO THE BRAVE THING: We are the disruption agency, after all. Do the thing that disrupts. That defies the status quo. That upends. That changes things. 
  • BE MORE HUMAN: Yes, this means you should approach with empathy, compassion, and openness. But it’s more than that. Being part of a human-centric culture means being your most authentic self. C\D gives you opportunities to explore what that is. Creativity and humanity are important qualities of our talent. We constantly examine how our actions back up what we have written on the outside. If we want humanity to be our thing, how do we get there?



This candidate must be highly imaginative and an effective manager of talent. They have to balance the concerns and needs of many people: the partners and owners of the ad agency, their clients, the account executives who work directly with clients, and the people who work under them.



  • Conceptualizing and developing creative ideas for advertising or promotional campaigns that align with the client's objectives and brand image.
  • Presenting and pitching campaign ideas to clients in a persuasive and compelling manner, and negotiating any necessary changes to align with their requirements.
  • Keeping clients informed of project progress, and promptly addressing any questions or concerns they may have to ensure a positive working relationship.
  • Collaborating with the creative team of copywriters, art directors, and designers to bring campaign concepts to life through storyboarding or translation of ideas.
  • Managing multiple projects from conception to completion, ensuring adherence to timelines and deadlines.
  • Conducting a thorough evaluation of project content, and making necessary adjustments to ensure it meets quality standards and aligns with client objectives.
  • Recruiting, developing, and managing a team of creative writers and graphic designers to ensure successful project execution.
  • Ensuring all visuals for the organization or client are consistent with the overall brand image, and adhere to established style guidelines.
  • Providing guidance and support in writing and steering scripts, as well as overseeing photo or TV shoots.
  • Identifying and engaging third-party partners as needed, and ensuring their work aligns with project requirements.
  • Approving and signing off on completed projects before presenting them to the client.
  • Working collaboratively with account executives and clients to achieve project goals, and facilitating clear communication and understanding.
  • Assigning projects to individual team members based on their strengths and expertise, and providing clear expectations and deadlines for each task.



  • CREATIVITY: First and foremost creative directors must be good at creating concepts for others to work on. They must have a keen awareness of current trends in advertising and graphic design. 
  • LEADERSHIP: Lead and inspire a team of people who are also very creative and may be averse to taking direction 
  • Experienced doing the jobs of the people they manage: A solid background in copywriting or design and art direction is a must-have. 
  • COMMUNICATION and PRESENTATION skills: They need excellent communication (written and verbal) and confident presentation skills in order to pitch ideas to clients or directors and also explain their ideas to members of their creative team.
  • INTERPERSONAL: Excellent interpersonal skills are a must. They need a clear creative vision while remaining open to others’ ideas. 
  • DIGITAL AND GRAPHIC DESIGN: Extensive knowledge of graphic design and relevant software is vital. Familiarity with film-making techniques is very useful. Video editing, copywriting and HTML skills are usually needed. 
  • TECH savvy: Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, PowerPoint, HTML, PHP, and other programs is often required. 

Willingness to TRAVEL: Creative directors frequently travel to meet with clients or attend industry-related events