Gabriel Edric Wijaya

Digital Marketing Lead

Describe your job without mentioning its name

I give hearts, personalities, and voices to the cold tin shells called corporate. 


Your working philosophy

It’s not about getting credit for your works, it’s about how your works will be credited in the popular culture. Until then, keep your head down and keep pushing through.


Your existential purpose hits blunt

I might wake up as a cockroach one day, idk.


Your favorite Unithree lunch

Mie Afu porsi besar, gapake toge sayur + Tusara brown sugar


Team WFH, WFO, cafes, or Bali? Why?

Work from cafe hellzyeah! Currently cafe-hopping around Jakbar-Serpong. Hmu, if you’re looking for a work buddy or just nongs in general ;)

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