Strengthen EXP Core Brand Idea
Strengthen EXP Core Brand Idea
Assembled to withstand the harsh outdoor environment, EXP watch comes with the best quality materials and durability for every adventurer around the world. It brings the spirit of adventure through the brand and products. Based on those values, EXP needed the relevant representation through the audience, showing the brand as the tough adventurous timing equipment.
Strengthen EXP core brand idea and rejuvenate the digital presence to be more relevant was the proper way to make it happen. We wanted to deliver the contents and messages through the social media with a strong visual identity and tone of voice. Started with the main key messages than include Adventurous, Extreme, and Extremely Good Deal, we develop the monthly strategy to create the interactive contents to be distributed through the social media platforms.
The hashtag #EXPloretheextremes came up as the main message driver to be translated through the contents. The EXP social media started with the five content pillars: Product Knowledge, Live Out Your Passion Extremely, Featured Extreme Place, Interactive Quiz, and Tips & Trivia. The contents were delivered with stunning and bold visualization of the adventures, showing the product collection and also the various extreme activities that suit with the EXP identity.

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