Sinar Cahaya Cemerlang
New Brand Identity to Emphasize Humanity
The intention of SCC with the new brand identity program is to get closer to younger market and home industry as the new market. Based on it, change occurred inside the brand of SCC.
The new brand identity had to represent SCC as a professional distributor company that has young entrepreneur spirit to support young entrepreneur and home industry. Our central visual strategy is “Let’s Bake Something Fresh, Pal!” It served as a guideline to generate the visual that approachable, casual, more human, and keep liven up the spirit of entrepreneur to chasing the dreams, starting with sketches, notes, drafts, and passions. Aligned with our visual strategy, the result of the new visual is totally fresh from the oven. It shows a friendly look that links SCC with home industry and younger market.
Human Touch Elements. The main points of SCC visual is human interaction. This idea is connecting the whole concept of human interaction look for the new SCC using the stabilo effect, and paper pattern. Additionally with this effect it will give professional, clean look but still look modern and casual.
Human Touch Elements

Before - After

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