Be Open to Everyone, Everywhere
Based on the business model, this affordable gym brand should be open, friendly, and filled with positive energy. The main concept here is to create an affordable gym brand which can help every single person start to do exercise regularly. This positive character will be delivered in brand touchpoints like the name of the brand, the brand positioning, verbal branding, identity design, class naming, website development, and also club environment.
The name ReFIT comes from two words, Re from repetition means something regularly and Fit means being in a good shape and healthy. These two words form a continuous effort to create the new positive habit for the sake of better life.
As a part of the identity, the round-dynamic shape is used as the main visual language. This shape symbolizes the infinity and the chance to grow even more. The main color, red and yellow, are taken from warm color pallet to create friendlier impression and make people feel more energetic and spirited.

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