Introducing klokers Through the Digital Presence
The unique Swiss-made watch klokers landed in Indonesia. By its presence, klokers watch offers the extraordinary design with a non-conventional manner of displaying time and interchangeability of the accessories. As the new brand in Indonesia, klokers needs the introduction to get awareness from the audience with the proper way to suit its identity.
Digital presence through the social media is the answer. Based on the klokers background we did the analysis that resulted in three main foundations for the identity: Appreciating time, highly artsy & symbol of craftsmanship, and personally touched. From there, we create the concept to be implemented to the social media contents. And also, we set the rollout plan for the brand. The main concept is combined with two different talents that involve stylist Gana Adi and photographer Richard Febriant to execute the concept.
The digital presence that represents klokers identity. Referring to the foundations, we came up with five main topic contents, including Time is Valuable, Design and Features, Explore Your Customization, Personalize Your klokers, and About Time. These topics visualized the brand philosophy, design, features, and values. The creative collective with Gana and Richard worked as expected, deliver the extraordinary, artistic, and vibrant visual contents with distinctive styles.

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