KFC Indonesia
Digital & Social Media for KFC
KFC has been a leading fast food restaurant in Indonesia. The brand has a deep connection with their audience from 1978, but now the brand must reconnect with present audience.
“Always Original” is interpreted as the authenticity, the uniqueness that comes from Indonesia. It’s about understanding the culture, fulfilling the local taste, and being personally close and relevant to the audience. The concept is then being implemented as various contents such as product highlight, related activities, services, events, or series contents that suit Indonesian audience preferences. Humorous, local-oriented, witty, and iconic are our manners to be applied through social media contents. From the visual aspect, monthly themes are also prepared to show a variety of appearances, making the digital presence more distinctive and attractive for the audience.
KFC Indonesia followers rose to 178,000 people just in 4 months. Creates an ascend on the engagement reach to 300,000-500,000/month.

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