KFC-Hot Rods
Digital Campaign for Hot Rods.
KFC Indonesia came up with the new product called “Hot Rods”, a crispy chicken fillet in a stick greased with spicy sauce and mayonnaise. They wanted to introduce the new product properly, boost the selling, and make it popular among the target audience.
“Gara-Gara Hot Rods” is the digital campaign to gain product exposure through social media. Series of photo contents were produced to advertise the Hot Rods after-taste in three different expressions. The first-time-to-taste video also being created to show spontaneous reactions when people experience the spicy taste from the product. Furthermore, the campaign held the digital challenge #garagarahotrods that invited people creating their own reaction videos to increase product awareness through the digital presence and affect product selling.
The result, Hot Rods campaign appeared in 25 posts on Instagram with 171.544 engagements and 545 hashtag usage; 9 posts on Facebook with 7.333 engagements; and 11 posts on Twitter with 3.523 engagements. Meanwhile, the #garagarahotrods challenge gained about 53 reaction video creations from the participants and resulted in 3 main winners from the activity.

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