Ivoire Cake Design
Elegance and Sophistication Through the Social Media Activation
Focusing on the creation of wedding cake, Ivoire Cake Design provides a memorable centerpiece for its client. The elegance and sophistication always being the emphasis on delivering the client’s needs on their special day. To bring this brand’s value through the people, Ivoire needed a strong branding and identity. At the time, Ivoire also prepared the brand for the attendance at Bridestory Fair. So, the engagement of people became the important thing at that moment.
The social media representation became our way to create a strong branding and identity for Ivoire. We started with the base concept to find the key messages that will be included in the contents. The key messages contain Intimacy, The Heart of Ivoire Cake Design, Art of Cake, and Road to Bridestory Fair. From there, we created the right art direction, tone of voice, attractive and systematic visual identity, and developed the multi-channel & social media distribution plans.
We came up with the content pillars as the foundation of Ivoire’s social media presence. Inspiration, Our Creation, and Road to Bridestory Fair became the three main content pillars that provide the right value to our target audience along with the Ivoire key messages. We set up the tactical plan with the proper schedule to represent the elegant and sophisticated visual until the main event came.

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