Rejuvenation of Building Material & Household Company
Specialized in the building and household material needs, Hyamn Group is an Indonesian-based holding company that engaged in both manufacturing and trading business. They hold a great vision to be the biggest building and household material company in Indonesia. On the other hand, the internal issues were still being the problems for the company’s development. Lack of brand architecture, irrelevant brand image, and inconsistent brand communication were the main problems that need to be solved as they are currently preparing themselves to become a publicly traded company.
The proper strategy started our step to handle the issues. We arranged the system for the brand architecture, so the company levels that includes corporate, business, and product level could be well-organized. Then, we started to make the new brand identity that reflects the company vision and values. Also, to make the company’s brand to be more measured and integrated.
The new representation of Hyamn as the professional, structured, and innovative company. We built the amicable brand identity to make the company easily recognized nationally. The whole new concept was implemented in various aspects of the company, includes in the company’s logo, profile, catalog, business card, banner, website, social media, and others.

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