Hyamn 2019 Annual Report
The Hyamn 2019 Annual Report Book
Annual report is something fundamental for every publicly traded company and this book must possess clarity, precise data, good readability, and data visualization. At Unithree, creativity is always about problem-solving. We use human-centered thinking in order to achieve the best design for the people. This too is reflected in the design of Hyamn 2019 Annual Report Book. Our process started with identifying the problems visible in Hyamn’s 2018 annual report book. We found out that the main problems lay in the readability, image relevancy, reading experience, old fashioned data visualization, and graphic treatment. From the problems analyzed, we aimed to make an annual report book with better reading experience by decluttering in order to improve the clarity of the design.
We started by the simple steps of rethinking the white space. In the era where content is king, we should measure the quantity of our content that is actually being consumed, and how to consume it without much cognitive loads. The perfect analogy of white space in a design composition will be; the use of silence in a musical composition. Without a proportionate use of silence, a musical composition will be heard as unstructured; some may call it as a mere noise. Similarly, without white space, a design will be seen as unstructured and hard to consume. On account of readability, we decided to use a layout system of one grid per language. And because of a typography system should have a clear hierarchy, we simplified the typography hierarchy so that the reader can easily associate sections from every page without the need of readjusting too much layout formats, and therefore can digest the information presented more enjoyably. The imageries in this report book uses photos with minimalist compositions. These imageries are chosen to reflect the essences of the contents in a metaphorical way.
While an annual report might be boring to some people, we made this book more sophisticated through the use of graphical elements with minimalist tables, graphical data visualizations, dividers, and our most favorite part; the cover, which is created from a unique material to project a classy translucent effect. The Hyamn 2019 Annual Report Book represents the importance of process, human-centered thinking, and attention to detail in creating a design.

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