Revolution Starts Now
Advertising and branding are all about keeping a happy relationship between brand and its—let’s put it—customers. Revolution Starts Now is a soft campaign to introduce Epitome to the new market. Being launched at the same time with the very first opening of Epitome boutique gym, Revolution Starts Now implicates the statement of Epitome brand image: leading fitness culture for a bold change.
This campaign uses minimal (at least until this study case is written) media amplification, since Epitome is in the phase of market testing. This campaign is delivered through Epitome’s various marketing & PR tools, including social media and environmental poster and videos. As for the video, we produced some elegant shots, conveying expression of daring and hunger for a change.
Revolution Starts Now video series are now regularly screened on every TV and screens at every corner of Epitome gym, a perfect environmental publication tool for acquisition and retention at once.
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