The Brands that Shape Up Our Millennial World
Words by Daniel

“Millennials” is a familiar word nowadays, it defines the generation born through the year 1981-2001 who happens to be the most crucial consumer group in today’s era. They influence the older generations and become the trendsetters across all industries possible from wearable to serve in plate products. The growth of these Millennials has left a big culture gap that leads to inaccurate niche data and acted as living proof that traditional advertising engagement has lessened. So what are the facts of this renowned Millennials that should’ve been known by companies to win their attentions? Are they loyal enough to your current brand? or is it just a myth that Millennials scoffs at your “used to be” thriving campaigns?

First of all, Millennials are critical thinkers. They are driven by the word “Why”, which is actually make them think that the preceding type of advertisement is solely to “sell” and “gain profits” other than giving them what they needs. So, how does your brand could connect with the Millennials? 

All you gotta do is to change your strategy towards their life driven aspects: give them the answer to their whys, bring out your brand value instead of your price list, then connect with them through precise media. Give them entertainment instead of commercials. Seems like a myth eh? FYI, we’re delivering you proofs of this theory. All you have to do is scroll and read this article to the end.

Here are the living legends of thriving brands through the ages that successfully penetrate the Millennials world according to Unithree:

Has sport shoes gone dead? Nike obviously doesn’t think so, they effectively plays the biggest role in Millennials everyday wears through sport shoes and sportwares solely by bringing up their core value “Everyone who has a body is an athlete”: easy, simplicity, positive. Their Ads placement and strategy is no kidding as well. Nike smoothly communicates their core value through product innovations then display them beautifully in billboards, CSR, and even redecorate their retail stores in order for Millennials to feel the changes they need towards a healthier life.

A fruit that becomes a brand. Apple harvests the hearts of all generations including Millennials with almost every single launch of their new product. Why you asked? What else? Apple change how the tech used to be found in office cubicles to daily life experience. From iPod to iphone then Mac to iPad, now people just can’t enjoy life without it. They basically provide us with tools to work, learn, and fill our days with ease. Moreover, Apple has now encourage the creative minds of Millennials to develop more apps not only for their devices but also to give contributions in making a better world for the future.

What’s hot right now with the Millennials is the Canadian media corporation named Vice : magazine, website, film production, record label, and publishing. What more could you ask? According to Nieman Lab, Vice has rank to the top as youngsters choice of news platforms, whereas 54% of their are all Millennials. How so? They indulged all entertainment you want in just a simple click away.

Does this brand Ring a bell? Advance in technology Sony has brought cheer through generations: electronics, photography, music industry, and gaming! Aggressively investing in these areas, Sony booms the Millennials by utilizing all of them into a concept called One Stadium Live for the 2014 World Cup, which basically means that Sony creates a single platform for all World Cup-related social media. How cool is that?

Surfing through 190 countries with 104 million members, Netflix succeed to contribute more than 125 million hours of TV shows and movies per day and rise the bar as the world’s leading internet entertainment service. What do they serve? Original series, documentaries and feature films that fits almost any internet-connected screen as much as they want, anytime and anywhere without being disrupted by commercials. How they attract Millennials? Remember what they hate: advertisement. Simple, quick, intriguing words.


Another electronic brand.. or is it? Samsung brings up the best card to put on the table! Making top of the list as the most recognizable brand that has strong positive feeling towards and for Millennials (based on a survey from The Reputation Institute). How so? The ranking shows that Samsung is not only making good products, but also reflects the perception that the company treats its employees fairly, is an innovator and market leader, and is also a good corporate citizen.

Now, how about start driving your advertising strategy to the right direction with us?