Shouting Out the Value of Monolog with Olivia Stephanie
Words by Aflah Satriadi

Great cup of coffee: Love, passion and quality. Monolog Quality Coffee Co. came from those things. The renowned café that caters the quality of coffee and dishes is addressed for urban dynamic people in Jakarta. So, how did Monolog reach their segment effectively?

We were there. Unithree teamed up with Monolog and determined to focus on the café’s digital activation, especially on Instagram. We based our very first goal on the conclusion that monolog needed to show what the café really stands for. Then, the minimal campaign was arranged to set up the foundation of Monolog’s future culture and community in the digital work. The campaign that has implemented in the hashtag of #enjoymonolog. Okay, then what did we do?

The visual content and the tone of voice have always been our key to represent the identity and value to the community. We collaborated with a great photographer Olivia Stephanie to produce the constant style of visual. It’s delivered through the photos of the environment, coffee, moments, people, and foods, especially on the Instagram platform. Our concept and her photography talent merged to bring the representation of Monolog as a simple, casual, and warm café.

The collaborative work come to fruition once again. We keep maintaining the digital presence and improving more to shouting out the value of Monolog through our creative collective with Olivia.

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