Our Collectives; Melodia Salviana
Words by Aflah Satriadi

AHM Internal Engagement with Melodia Salviana

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is a manufacturing and distribution company of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia. Operates in the highly increasing motorcycle consumer country, AHM always provides the good service and comply with their main value, One Heart. It’s an important value to be adapted effectively in every aspect of the company. Of course, it needs a great understanding and a creative way to implement the main value to all staffs. So, how is it supposed to be solved?

Unithree Creative Collective has worked it out. With this opportunity to adjust the internal engagement of AHM, our goal is to make the staffs have a strong relation to the One Heart value and the company. How did we do that? We deliver and bring the core value to them in an engaging environment. In other words, we modify the visual system.

We built the whole concept and started our collaboration with a talented woman behind the illustration works, Melodia Salvania. We assembled the idea, set the direction, and let Melodia to express her creation with the illustration. We want to make the office environment feels more refreshing and playful. We used the illustration works to enhance the playful, imaginative, and engaging design.

The process worked according to plan. We actualized the collaborative works into the exquisite works for AHM. The result, we implemented our whole concept to the AHM interior space, desktop wallpaper, and posters.

It’s (Unithree Creative Collective) great! Moreover, you were being paid from something you like, something that you dreamed of. Because, it’s tricky to get your income from something you like nowadays.” - Melodia Salviana

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