From Passion to Creation
Words by Daniel Chia

Technological advances have brought our way of life to another level. As the digital era is right before our eyes, the environment is changing to be more inclusive. It allows people to express themselves more and use their talents in the right way along with their passion. Therefore, no surprises that we can easily find various impressive talents out there nowadays.

In this circumstances, the revolution of creative working is happening. The availability of many diverse talents can bring the collaborative works into the things we called creative collective. It’s a great opportunity to gather passions and actualize the quality of works. It’s a growing force, especially across most commercial creative disciplines such as advertising, design, branding, marketing communication, social media, e-commerce, public relation, and technology information.

So, here we are. As the creative company, Unithree is glad to tell you that we’re offering any shining talent out there, the Unithree Creative Collective. We keep creating creativity to push brands, commercial, and mankind forward. And with your talent and passion, we can create the immersive creation, together.

D’you wanna show your talent to the world? Express your passion? Enjoy the flexible works? Or even work on side project? Yes, it’s for you. C’mon, join the collective! Send your CV, ID, and portfolio to

Also, attach your social media accounts (Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook). You’ll receive a confirmation call from our business director and you just have to wait for our approval after. Easy peasy, right? Send yours anytime soon!